Our Pastors have a strong family ministry and have made Living Waters a family church,
with family-based values, where everybody is a somebody.
The former school principal was inducted pastor at the Living Waters Church in Durban North in
August 2015. In a short while, he and his wife, Cynthia, have begun to grow the church.
Not only have they doubled the attendance, but they have also begun major renovations of the church building and have initiated various community-based programmes.

Pastor Christian's recent press statement :
“I have been a principal for 34 years and my wife was also a teacher. As educators, we are passionate about guiding and impacting people. We have both grown up as Christians and therefore love
teaching others the word of God. We have a vision to build a church that does not condemn, that is a place of healing, a church that embraces people from all walks of life,” he said.

Supporting the duo's efforts are their three children, sons-in-law and four grandchildren.

One of Cynthia's first projects involved a monthly ladies' fellowship tea.
“As a woman, I feel strongly about impacting and empowering other women. The tea provides an opportunity for women in the community to come together and chat, meet new people and share experiences,” says Cynthia.
Similarly, the men's fellowship meets every month. Weekly youth meetings are also organised for the teens and young adults in the community. “The event provides the perfect opportunity to meet other young people in the community in a safe environment. Currently there are 40 members who participate in the socialising and games,” said Christian.

On Tuesdays, the duo runs a feeding scheme at the church, providing warm meals to anyone in need. The Kistens' are both qualified marriage counselors and also offer sessions free of charge. However, the duo have plans for two additional programmes; the compassionate friends evening, which will cater for members of the community who have lost a loved one, and craft classes.
Cynthia is skilled in bead work, mosaic tiling, embroidery and knitting. She plans to teach these skills and also encourage people to take them up as hobbies. Eventually she hopes to encourage community members to help knit blankets and beanies for the less fortunate.

Cynthia & Christian pay special homage to the late Pastor George Dillman, the founder of this beautiful & iconic church building which was inaugurated in 1983 & still stands tall as a beacon of hope to many individuals seeking salvation.